Term Life

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Term Life provides peace-of-mind

Term Life Insurance is an insurance policy that helps provide peace of mind and take care of your loved ones should the unforeseen occur. Whether it is a tragic event or simply an unexpected passing, we often don’t realize that the bills continue even after we pass.

Term Life Insurance provides the financial assistance to help those take care of their final expenses and arrangements even after you have passed for pennies on the day. There are policies starting as low as $10/mo to assist in covering your funeral expenses and /or help assist in a few months of bills till estate matters can be worked out.

Reimagine Benefits can provide you the opportunity to add a small term life policy up to $100,000 for $10-50/mo per adult insured to provide peace of mind that all final expenses with being as you requested.

If you would like to explore larger Life Insurance policies with Universal or Whole Life, please list that in your comments on your “request a quote” form and we will provide you that opportunity as well.