Medical Insurance

Sickness Insurance


Accident Insurance

Medical Insurance is the main reason that people look to health insurance. This makes up the “chasey” or the “base” of any major medical plan.

Not every plan is created equally. Most plans will have Preventative Care, but it might be at different levels. Most insurance will include main doctor visits, lab work, and imaging but each plan can be contracted and priced differently. Some plans include primary care and specialists together in one category and some plans have seperate co-pays and visit counts for each of them. Reimagine Benefits works with you to customize the plan that will fit your current and future needs giving you a plan to grow with till you are 65.

After 35 or 40, adults should be getting labor done every 6 months and a mammogram done for women over 35 or 40, and a colonoscopy for men and women over 45 years old.

An accident portion of a medical plan is not thought of very much, because we are all healthy of course, but it is probably one of the most used pieces of the health plan. Families with children and an active spouse will have one or 2 trips to the ER or emergency clinics 1-3 times per year. This can be very costly if you do not have insurance. Then, having the “right ” kind of insurance and knowing how to “maximize ” your policy when an accident happens is crucial.

Reimagine Benefits is experienced at working with hospitals and doctors to find the best facility to work with you to keep your services in-network and maximize your benefits. while still getting the best quality care you are entitled to receive.

Let’s create your best health plan for you and your family today!