Health Benefit Plans

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Choosing the right health benefit plan can be overwhleming!

Just like any other insurance… we wish we didn’t have to pay for health benefits until we needed them covered for the major catastrophe in our life…. right?

If you choose wisely & pick a health plan that actually is well-rounded and covers your future self it will also be covering your “current present-day” self. The choices you make today will affect many of the health outcomes you have in the future.

Do you need an HMO? a PPO? an EPO?

Should you stay on COBRA? Should you retire early?

Every person is different and each situation is different. But, we often recommend looking at your options and getting off COBRA as soon as you can. There is a 2% COBRA admin FEE plus you will be paying for your portion and your employer’s portion of the medical bill now.

Reimagine Benefits customizes a benefit plan so you aren’t paying for what you don’t need while proving you peace of mind for your financial future.