Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is a key supplemental benefit

If you are like most people, you believe “I can do cash pay for dental services” and will get dental coverage later in life. This could be a very costly decision. With most dental insurance, there is usually a “waiting period” for basic and major care” like fillings, X-rays, crowns, dentures, bridges, etc.

Major Care – Crowns, Dentures, Bridges

Crowns, dentures, bridges, and pulling wisdom teeth can be very costly procedures. But, usually, if you are getting this type of procedure it also means that there has been an “ongoing issue or a growing problem that has evolved over time”. We call this “a pre-existing condition” before you obtained coverage. Therefore, you need to have the insurance “in place” to “start the “waiting period clock” so when you do need it you won’t have to wait for these procedures and have the maximum benefit applied.

Dental Preventative Care

Most plans offer preventative dental care twice per year or every 6 months. Depending on your plan your preventative care can be covered 80%-100% .

So, don’t delay in starting your dental insurance! You can get your premiums back with a preventative cleaning every 6-month in no time!

Each plan is different, but most offer basic care coverage after 6 months. The major care will have the longest waiting period which can be up to a 12 month waiting period depending on your plan.

Keep smiling & stay healthy!