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Executive Director

Toni Burns

Helping people find the best health plans for their needs is always the result that matters most for Toni. As a self-declared “Health care GEEK”, Toni enjoys creating a health benefit plan that is customized towards each person’s individual needs and personal health history. She will tell you herself that she has had enjoyed being a leader in many different fields during her lifetime, but the common theme has always been to listen to her customers’ needs and to provide a customized solution that wasn’t just a “cookie-cutter” answer to their problem. She is an advocate for her customers first.

Licensed as a health insurance agent in over 30 states, Toni loves to jump in the car or on an airplane and travel the countryside to see her clients. She often shares the sites with her family on road trips and discovers different parts together.

Growing up in Michigan, she loves the Great Lakes & college football games in the fall. Later she set her sights on New York City, St. Louis, and Houston and often traveled to Boston while in NYC. So, don’t be surprised, if you hear a mixture of dialects from various regions of America within one sentence that can combine 3-4 regions, but it will all be done with a southern smile.

When Toni is not busy helping people find the best health plan for themselves or their business, you can usually find her singing, dancing, playing games with family, or lending a hand with various charity groups throughout the community. She loves to spread joy & HOPE… one HUG & SMILE at a time!

How May I Help You?

With Reimagine Benefits on your side, we help to customize a plan that meets your needs so you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.

Health Insurance

Choosing the right health benefit plan can be overwhelming.

Do you choose a PPO? an HMO? a Marketplace plan? or just stay on COBRA?

Let’s evaluate what’s the best plan for your needs.

Small Businesses/ Sole Proprieters

Did you know that if you are an Entrepreneur or a small business owner that you have options for health insurance plans?

Not all health benefit plans are created equal and if you own your own business and have under 50 employees we can help you create a plan that will grow with your company’s mission & vision.

Supplemental Products

Customizing a plan with supplemental products can protect your future self and help keep more money in your pocket for out-of-pocket costs.

Whether you are adding supplemental products to an already existing medical plan or creating a bundle with a new medical plan, Reimagine Benefits will assist you in customizing the best fit for your needs.

Reimaging Health Insurance for You

Working with a Personal Health Insurance Agent

Choosing Reimagine Benefits you will have a personal agent that becomes not only your “health agent”, but also your “health advocate” to help you when the major things happen in your health journey. Who better to know how your health plan works than YOUR personal agent?


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